Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning is fast becoming a popular mode of cleaning carpets. This method is employed by many professional emergency carpet cleaning Adelaide companies.  Unlike steam carpet cleaning, dry carpet cleaning does not involve the use of any liquid-based detergent as a cleaning agent. This prevents moisture from being absorbed and held within the fabric of the carpet. This carpet cleaning method is deployed when the carpet is made of very fine fibre. Dry carpet cleaning used a powder based detergent and a solvent to clean carpets. This prevents the fine fabric of the carpet from being damaged.


In this method of carpet cleaning, a solvent is simply sprinkled on the surface area of the carpet. In some cases a spray is used to disburse the solvent on the carpet. With the help of a brush the solvent is then spread evenly over the entire surface area of the carpet. Depending upon the type of solvent used and the brand of the carpet, the solvent is left on the carpet for more than half an hour.



This solvent absorbs the dust, dirt and pollutants from the surface of the carpet’s fabric. With the help of a vacuum cleaner, the dust, dirt and pollutants are removed from the surface of the carpet. The vacuum cleaner prevents the dirt, dust and pollutants from re-circulating into the air and onto the carpet again. Under this method of carpet cleaning method, the carpet can be used by the occupants of the household as soon as it is cleaned.


The following necessary precautions need to be taking before dry cleaning any carpet:


1.   If there are any solid dirt particles on the surface of the carpet, it should be removed manually. In the case of solid dry residues left behind when a liquid is split on the carpet, it is important to ensure such particles are removed.


2.   It is important to scan the surface area of the carpet thoroughly. This is to ensure that there are no solid chunks of dry particles. If such solid chunks of dirt particles are present, these should be removed. Such particles have a tendency of dissolve with the powder-based solvent and damage the carpet’s fabric.


3.   It is essential to ensure the surface area of the carpet is absolutely dry. If a liquid is accidently spilt on the carpet, it should absorbed with the help of soft kitchen towel. This used be done to prevent the moisture from the liquid from diluting the powder-based solvent. This in turn will dilute the effect of the dry cleaning.


4.   Stains should also be removed from the surface of the carpet. Like liquids, stains also have a tendency to dilute the powder-based solvent and ruin the effects of the cleaning.



Unlike other carpet cleaning methods that use liquid-based detergents to clean carpets, dry carpet cleaning is relatively safe. Dry carpet cleaning is cheaper and faster method of cleaning carpets then steam cleaning. Many carpet cleaning services professional companies recommend the use of dry carpet cleaning in case the fabric of the carpet is sensitive to water.

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