Different Types of Carpets and Cleaning Methods!

We all know carpet cleaning is a back-breaking and daunting task. For people who have pet and children at home, it might be more difficult to effectively carry out the cleaning process. The carpet fibres are very quick in absorbing dirt and soil making your pricey carpet look unattractive over time.

Due to the foot traffic the condensation of dust goes on increasing which might call for replacement soon. To avoid unnecessary expense of replacing your carpets you can clean it to make it look new and bright again. Even if you go for regular cleaning and vacuuming, sometimes intensive cleaning procedures become necessary. Carpet cleaning companies Brighton has become a major trend to help householders to have clean and gorgeous dwellings. You can follow the tips mentioned below to get your carpet rug restore its original beauty.

How to clean a Berber carpet?

The carpets with big loops are comparatively easy to clean. Berber carpets are easier to clean as they have big loops that cannot hold dirt and dust for long. Moreover the big loops prevent penetrating of dirt leaving it to stay on superficial layers. However it is a viable not to buy such carpets if you have pets at home. Ass omen pets have a tendency to pick loops making the carpet look old soon. Hover part from this, you can say maintain a Berber carpet is easier.

How to clean a frieze carpet?

Carpets made of frieze are papule of concealing more dirt than barber carpets. As frieze carpets are made of twister fabric and small loops, it is capable of not only absorbing the stain quickly Ute also distributing making it look less visible. This will eke your carpet look clean to human eye. If you go for regular vacuuming then it will be succulent to remove dirt from the upper layers but of course it will not make it fully clean. You may go for stoma or dry cleaning to remove stains effectively. However there are certain types off frieze carpets tag tare not sue feint regarding concealing stains. Only nylon and wool based carpets are effective in concealing stains but they are also very expensive.

What is a carpet pad?

Professional carpet cleaning Brighton is not a luxury anymore instead it has become amendatory for most of the household to hire experts for carpet and upholstery cleaning solutions. They have the necessary expertise to guide you about what to buy and how to maintain it.

Carpet pad is that which gives weight to your carpet. The heaver the ado the better it is as it will ace your carpet feel soft and it will also not give in to wear and tear easily. You might get thinner carpet ads however it might be cheaper but it will easily give in to foot traffic. As such if you want your carpet to last try buying carpets with thick carpet pad to withstand areas of high traffic.

Going for professional carpet cleaning Brighton is mandatory for people with areas of huge traffic to keep tier homes clean.


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    This will eke your carpet look clean to human eye.

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