Different Aspects of Upholstery Cleaning Services

Push open the door of a carpet cleaning company online by accepting the invitation visit our website here and discover the portfolio of services that they have to offer. As you navigate through the website you will probably come across a page – about upholstery cleaning services that has enough information about the nuances of upholstery cleaning. If you had thought that upholstery cleaning can be done on your own, you might not have known that this is only partially possible. Only a professional carpet cleaning company has the knowledge and expertise of maintaining and cleaning upholstery that ensures its extended life along with good looks and saves you a good sum of money of replacing it at short intervals.

The speciality of upholstery cleaning

What is so special about our upholstery cleaning?  Well, there are dry and wet methods of cleaning that can be used for upholstery but many upholstery manufacturers label the fabrics being suitable for dry cleaning only. If you are going by the manufacturer’s instructions that stipulate dry cleaning only it becomes imperative that two things might have transpired the manufacturer to put up the label.  One reason could be that despite the fabric has compatibility with wet cleaning methods, the manufacturer would not like users to try DIY methods that can spoil the fabric and create problems for the manufacturer when users go back to them with a complain. The second reason is of course, truly the fabric needs special care in cleaning in order to ensure its colour fastness, dimensional stability and to prevent change of texture. Only a professional upholstery cleaning company can decide which method of cleaning would be suitable even if it means over ruling the manufacturer’s instructions.

Water based cleaning is better

Only spots and soils can be cleaned by dry cleaning methods and using solvents. But dry cleaning can never give the quality of cleanliness that is possible by wet cleaning or more precisely water cleaning.  For removing spills that are water based you need water based solutions to clean it.  The fact is that most furniture is subjected to spills and soils that are primarily water based with occasional possibilities of oily stains and spills. This has been gathered by analysing the mode of normal furniture usage at homes and offices. Oil stains arising from hair, skin and animals are more effectively removed by using water based cleaning methods provided it is treated with suitable pre-conditioning agents. Always hire a professional cleaning company, they will complete take care of your carpets, upholstery furniture’s and tiles and grouts. Click here to find out more about us and various cleaning process and services.

Hazards of dry cleaning

Use of chemical solvents in dry cleaning poses health hazards as the cleaning agents contain harmful organic chemicals that can pollute the environment and affect human health by causing respiratory distress. Adequate personal protective equipments like solvent resistant gloves, organic vapour respirators and protective eye wear have to be used when working with it. The place where upholstery cleaning is done has to be vacated by its inhabitants and it has to be well ventilated for removal of fumes.

A professional upholstery cleaning company can guide you properly in selecting the right cleaning procedure for your upholstery.

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